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The UTC Graduate School is pleased to announce that Faiza Khan will present Master's research titled, INTEGRATING HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY INTO CAR-FOLLOWING MODELS FOR ACCURATE RESPONSE PREDICTION: A REALISTIC APPROACH on 06/16/2023 at 4pm in EMCS 4th floor Maytag Room/zoom Everyone is invited to attend. 


Chair: Mbakisya Onyango 

Co-Chair: Dr. Mina Sartipi

Car-following models traditionally focus on vehicle kinematics or dynamics parameters without considering human psychology. However, recent research has attempted to incorporate psychology into car-following models. Despite these efforts, there are limitations in understanding the psychological triggers that influence specific drivers' responses. To address this gap, we propose a new car-following model based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), which incorporates the human element by utilizing psychological theories. In this research, a new car-following model of traffic flow is proposed by utilizing the theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). We collected data through a survey utilizing the TPB and analyzed it based on demographic values. The data was used to measure the value of behavior and cluster it into defensive, neutral, and offensive profiles. The measured behavior was then utilized in the new car-following model, which outperformed the baseline model in performance indexes. Therefore, our research presents a new mathematical model that incorporates both kinematics and psychological factors, based on real-world data, and yields better more accurate responses compared to the baseline models.

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