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The UTC Graduate School is pleased to announce that Anna Pusser will present Master’s research titled, The Ecological Validity of Prospective Memory Experimentation on 06/20/2023 at 3:00pm in 540 McCallie Ave, 357. Everyone is invited to attend. 


Chair: Dr. Jill Shelton

Remembering to carry out a future intention is termed prospective memory (PM). Past research that has utilized the traditional lab experiment has been scrutinized because the findings suggest performance in the lab is not predictive of PM performance in everyday life. Furthermore, since much of the lab-based PM research has focused on isolating the processes supporting PM, it is unclear if this work translates to PM in everyday life. Therefore, research has been conducted in naturalistic settings to observe PM in everyday environments. However, naturalistic experiments are lacking in experimental control relative to studies conducted in a lab setting. Eye tracking technology could address the ecological validity concerns within lab experiments by providing a more direct measure of strategic monitoring. Strategic monitoring is how we monitor our environment to detect a future intention in order to complete or accomplish that intention. Eye tracking may offer a better direct measure of strategic monitoring compared to traditional lab tasks. Specifically, a recently developed eye tracking paradigm could bridge the gap between lab and naturalistic studies. Hence, the objective of the proposed study is to examine whether this eye tracking paradigm will maintain experimental control and improve ecological validity when compared to both a traditional lab task and a naturalistic task.

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